Birgit Bortoluzzi

 Worte können Brücken bauen - e il mondo cambierà – und die Welt wird sich verändern

e il mondo cambierà und die Welt wird sich verändern


I would like to thank my wonderful clients from the bottom of my heart, it was an exciting, beautiful, eventful and educational time with many wonderful projects. For health reasons, I have to and will have to say goodbye for the time being ...
Please stay healthy with all my heart

Your Birgit Bortoluzzi

MehrLot Digital Projects "Strategy - Analysis - Sustainability - Visibility - Positioning".

How does your value-added digital pilot work? (Excerpts)

Professional consulting in visibility and sustainable positioning on the Internet beyond national borders (reference project)

"Since the World Wide Web does not stop at national borders, neither should professional consulting in sustainable positioning and visibility on the web. I myself work as an expert for success networks and small talk and have been active in this field for 28 years. I have met many experts on my long path of experience and it is very important to exchange expert knowledge, because success is only possible together. On the way to an even better visibility and positioning of my person and my know-how in the net, the Mehrwertlotsin Digital, Birgit Bortoluzzi, was exactly the right partner for me who accompanied me there. As a social media PR manager, marketing specialist, communications talent and certified data protection specialist, she focused on current topics and market conditions, which is very important for a sustainable positioning on the web. She inspired me to new ideas and let me "dive" even deeper into my own world and presentation. For me, she can rightly call herself "Mehrwertlotsin Digital" and I thank her very much for the very good cooperation and can recommend her in any case."

Yours, Magda Bleckmann, Expert for Success Networks

IT complete solution specialists from Augsburg in a new "digital guise" (reference project MehrLot Digital)

They are IT complete solution specialists - managed services is their core business. HIBIX Systems GmbH, is not a newcomer in this business. For many years they have been successfully mastering managed services projects with great success. As IT solution architects they knew exactly how to master complexity and optimize service processes for customers. But now they also needed to reposition and redesign their digital presence (homepage + company presentation), incorporating a trend, market and competitive analysis. Capricorn needed a "face" and a "new voice". Many a company treasure trove of success stories was successfully uncovered.

"Ms. Bortoluzzi of MehrLot Digital works precisely, solution-oriented and quickly. The explanations of the "dead sins with websites" in our joint kick-off workshop at the beginning were extremely helpful. Here we defined the strategy for the project in-house and were able to learn a lot from your wealth of experience. After the cornerstones had been established, it was time for implementation. Many fresh ideas regarding positioning, content and visibility were vividly supported with many graphics and photos. Ms. Bortoluzzi understood the spirit of the company quickly and implemented it in such a way that the result not only corresponded exactly to our ideas, but also found a pleasing resonance with our customers. We would like to thank her very much for the wonderful cooperation and can recommend working with her in any case."

(Hibix Systems GmbH, Augsburg IT complete solution specialists, Wagner)

Security consulting - Human Risk Consulting GmbH experienced (reference project MehrLot Digital)

"We, Human Risk Consulting GmbH, are a security consultancy with a focus on the human vulnerability in the enterprise. Through our joint strong activity in the Bavarian IT Security Cluster e.V., we got to know and greatly appreciate Birgit Bortoluzzi as a consultant and coach. Our sensitive field of activity required a special market analysis and target group approach, and beyond this, the added value digital pilot supported us in our text design and visibility, without neglecting the topic of security.

We felt that she had years of know-how in the field of communication and despite having our own psychologists and communication experts in our company, the Mehrwertlotsin continued to accompany us on our way to a secure and sustainable positioning. We lacked a tangible digital strategy and external presentation, but now we finally got a face. I very much appreciate the very pleasant, trusting and loyal cooperation with Birgit Bortoluzzi and can only recommend her as Mehrwertlotsin Digital.

We say thank you!"

(Reference: Michael Willer, CEO, Human Risk Consulting GmbH)

Dosch consulting Project management with vision (reference project MehrLot Digital) - the customer would like to continue his project on already existing old platform.

"Andreas Dosch consulting, project management with vision, has realigned his company to focus on digitalization and automation; however, for this I lacked a new holistic and comprehensive positioning, external presentation and visibility for my new business model.

MehrLot Digital provided the following comprehensive support for DOSCH consultig to achieve this goal: strategic consulting, communication and development of concept, creation of texts for external presentation and positioning of Dosch consulting (web, industry presentations, social networks, business card, photos, texts), creation of company presentation, creation of graphics/photo. The added value: the complete marketing documents and the web presence are coordinated.

Thanks to the very good, productive, constructive and very pleasant cooperation, I was able to realize my goals for the reorientation of my company very quickly and professionally. I was very impressed by Ms. Bortoluzzi's know-how, she got to the point quickly and did an excellent job - this is exactly the support I was looking for. I also enjoyed the cooperation very much, thank you very much for your great work." (Dipl.-Ing. / Master of Science (WPI) Andreas Dosch, owner of Dosch consulting)

New look-and-feel freshness for KIMdata (reference project MehrLot Digital) - Controlling no longer has to be a closed book for you

Not only data, solutions and products are changing rapidly - so are our reading, user and search habits. Modern business intelligence also requires a modern appearance. For KIMdata, Business Intelligence is not just a word, but a solution. What was there to do ... New layout in compliance with the corporate identity, new content, addressing target groups, market and competition analysis, getting to the heart of topics, images, and much more. ...

"It is really fascinating how quickly Ms. Bortoluzzi of MehrLot Digital gets results. She burns for her mission and brings herself 100% into a project. KIMdata thanks her very much for the very good cooperation and can recommend her in any case."

(Manfred Merkelbach, Managing Director KIMdata GmbH)

Almoase and cottage bliss

It doesn't always have to be digital (Business Development Concept - MehrLot Digital)

"Dear Birgit, I am always amazed that the Lord God sends me people like you, who help me to go my way, to realize ideas and conceptions and thus give valuable concepts and advice for the doing around our alp. In times of internet and competition it has become difficult also for us and it is necessary to develop new ideas. We have discussed your suggestions and will implement them together. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will do our best every day. Have a good time and God's blessings from the bottom of our hearts Birgit Scheiber and team." "To go one's own way requires the greatest courage" (Confucius). How right he is.

Practice for modern vital therapy (homepage still in implementation)

"As a practice for modern vital therapy with a holistic consulting, treatment and prevention spectrum, it was particularly important to me to also use holistic professional help for my website.

Birgit Bortoluzzi works as a social media PR manager, communications expert and was exactly the right choice for me as a value-added digital pilot with MehrLot Digital. She not only brings years of know-how in this field, but also convinced and impressed me with her wealth of experience to analyze and position my field of activity "healing practice". She provided me with coaching, consulting in photo and positioning issues, visibility and positioning concept, web analysis and suggestions for textual alignment. In such a fast-moving digital age, it is enormously important to have access to expert knowledge in this regard, and with MehrLot Digital I felt I was in trusting and professional hands.

Our collaboration was characterized by inspiration, know-how and trust and despite concentrated and very structured work, there was never a lack of time for laughter. Thank you also for that. I would like to thank Birgit Bortoluzzi (MehrLot Digital) very much for the very good cooperation and can recommend her in any case."

(Stephanie Grützner, Heilpraxis Höhenkirchen)

Further statements on professional work

"Ms. Bortoluzzi has outstanding competencies and many years of experience. The solutions she proposes are consistently characterized by inventiveness, effectiveness and practicability. Her way of working is characterized by a particularly high degree of constructive approach, negotiating skills, teamwork as well as very good manners" (Prof. Dr. Schanze)

"Working with you and your colleagues was always very pleasant, which certainly also gave us an additional boost of motivation to put the topic of cybersecurity in the spotlight" (Dr. Jörg Lüning, Video Munich)

"Birgit Bortoluzzi di MehrLot Digital ci ha Ristorante Braceria consultato sulla concezione, idea e posizionamento nel web assieme a delle foto adatte per il sito. Mille grazie." (Proprietario: Luca Chiarino)

"... Especially her constructive view, her commitment, her eloquence and her ideas are very much appreciated and flow exceedingly profitably into the design of the regularly published parish newsletter. We are grateful that she has found her way to us!" (Michael Mannhardt Dean of the Archdiocesan Deanery MB)

"I have been greatly supported by the sympathetic and imaginative Mehrwertlotsin-Digital. My customers now find me better on the Internet and get a quicker impression of my person as well as my work." (Photoworkx)

"The company Karl Ressler, Maschinenbau und Stanztechnik looks back on more than 30 experience.  We develop high-tech machines for the production of plastic cards and ID systems, most card manufacturers worldwide are among our customers. As we deliver machines internationally it was important for us to get a digital strategic consulting to be better positioned in this area in the future. Ressler Maschinenbau und Plastikkarten, would like to thank MehrLot Digital for the professional and trustful cooperation. MehrLot Digital, Birgit Bortoluzzi provided strategic consulting and conception for us. A professional preparation, quick familiarization with our range of topics and timely delivery of the service characterized the trusting and very pleasant cooperation. We say thank you and can recommend MehrLot Digital in any case."

"Birgit Bortoluzzi is always able to plan and act in a motivated, friendly, structured and prudent manner even under high time and performance pressure in projects." (Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Xuan Thinh)

"many thanks for the professional and indispensable support in the preparation of our commemorative publication on the occasion of the 75th anniversary - Traffic Accident Investigation VPI Munich 1937 to 2012" (M. Holzner, Head of Department)